1. Choosing a Realtor because he or she works in a large company. Large companies are just that- large companies. Realtors are independent contractors and each person has their own style and process for assisting clients. It doesn’t matter if a Realtor works for the largest company in your area or the smallest, all Realtors are licensed to do the same thing. It’s his or her commitment to you that will make the difference. 2. Choosing a Realtor based solely on his or her years of experience. Many people think Realtors who have many years of experience do better than Realtors who have less years, but that’s not true in many cases. Sometimes, more seasoned Realtors are burnt out or over worked and they just don’t have time and patience for first time home buyers or clients that need extra attention. Sometimes, newer agents are so energized and excited that they give 110% which is ultimately great for their clients. 3. Choosing a Realtor who doesn’t understand mortgage financing. Buying or selling a home doesn’t just depend on you and your Realtor. A lot has to do with knowledge of mortgage financing. Realtors who are knowledgeable in this area can help their clients get to the closing table faster than Realtors who aren’t. They will work with their clients’ lender to ensure that all criteria are satisfied so that the loan closes. Realtors who are helping their clients sell a home will know which type of buyer to look for in certain instances based on the type of financing that buyer has. If the home needs work for instance, an experienced Realtor will know there will be issues if the seller selects a buyer who wants to buy the property with FHA financing. 4. Choosing a Realtor who has the lowest fees. Paying low fees to the Realtor who lists your home sounds good initially, but remember: You get what you pay for! Experienced Realtors who give 100% to get their clients’ homes sold fast are worth the fee that they charge. It may be higher than a newer agent, for example, but it is well worth it to avoid problems down the line. 5. Choosing a Realtor who has sold more homes than anyone else. The best agent for you is the one who completes the sale, does the most effective job of marketing your property or finding you a property, negotiates the most favorable terms and conditions, and communicates with you constantly to make the process as smooth as possible. This isn’t always the highest selling realtor. Sometimes the highest selling Realtor has so many clients that you don’t get the attention that you may need.